Orange UK Factory iPhone Unlock

Orange UK Factory iPhone Unlock
Your IMEI number is a 15-digit number unique to your handset. You can find your IMEI number in Settings > General > About. The IMEI is also printed on the sim tray.

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Sorry, this unlock is currently unavailable.
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Official factory unlock for any iPhone on the Orange UK network. 
How the process works
Once your payment has been made, we will process your IMEI number with the iTunes database so your iPhone is officially registered as an unlocked iPhone. Once this has been completed, simply connect your iPhone to iTunes where a message will be displayed confirming that your iPhone is now officially unlocked. 

As this is a permanent unlock you able to update and restore your iPhone without the worry of loosing your unlocked.
How to purchase.
Please select from the drop down menu your iPhone model and enter your IMEI number. Your IMEI number will be used to register your iPhone on Apple’s database so please make sure it is correct.

The processing time on this unlocked is 7 - 14 working days.

If you want an Orange iPhone unlock, then there are only two options available to you: jailbreaking or getting an official unlock. Jailbreaking can be dangerous for several reasons, and there are many disadvantages. While an official unlock will cost some money, it's money well spent when you consider the advantages. This article will show you why you should always use an official unlocking service.

There are many safety issues if you try to jailbreak your Orange iPhone. First of all, you need a lot of technical knowledge to even do the jailbreak, and it's easy to mess up. One small accident can cause your iPhone to become unresponsive. Normally you can use the warranty to get a new iPhone, but jailbreaking (either a successful or failed attempt) will void the warranty.

If the jailbreak is successful, then you need to worry about viruses, malware and other dangers. It's much easier for hackers to infiltrate your iPhone because you won't get any more security updates, and it's much easier for websites to place malware on your device. Not only that, but many hackers create jailbreaking software so that viruses will be installed on your device as soon as you are finished unlocking the iPhone.

An official Orange iPhone unlock doesn't introduce these problems. Since your iPhone is official unlocked according to Apple's database, you still have the ability to get security updates, and your warranty is still valid. The device will also remain as secure as ever, which means that hackers will have a hard time getting into your iPhone.

Jailbreaking your phone is hard. You need to download and install special software, fool around with the SIM card, change the iPhone's settings and do a lot of other things. Not only that, but Apple is constantly making it harder and harder for people to jailbreak their phones because it is dangerous. That means that you might end up destroying your device if you are following an older jailbreaking guide.

On the other hand, an official Orange iPhone unlock is simple. All you need to do is download software and connect the iPhone to your computer. It's much easier, and there's no chance of you accidentally messing up the procedure. It also takes much less time (seconds compared to minutes or hours).

Full Support
You don't get any support when you try to jailbreak your iPhone. You'll probably have a guide to follow, but you won't have anyone to talk to if things don't go as planned.

An official Orange iPhone unlock service gives you full support if you have any questions or troubles. This ensures that there's no way to mess up to procedure, and it gives you assurance just in case something does happen.

Opening your iPhone to new carriers is great, but make sure you go about it in the right way. An official unlocking service is the only way to do it if you don't want to worry about security or messing up. Not only that, but you get to keep your warranty, and you can still download the new updates to your device.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Tom from Dorset   5 Stars
Very professional. Can highly recommended.

Reviewer: Kim from London   5 Stars
They have now unlocked mine and boyfriends iPhones, good service, very happy.

Reviewer: Bill from Newcastle   5 Stars
Supper service. Unlocked very quickly and can now update to new apple firmware and use iPhone on giff gaff network.